S.W. Lee is the author of a new series of books with the first book “The Amazon Murders” that was just released on February 3, 2015.

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Illegal loggers are mysteriously dying horrific deaths in the Amazon rainforest not far from a compound housing educators and their students visiting from America. Local law enforcement officer, Eduardo Tavares, is investigating. Assisting him with gruesome tasks are Dr. Stephen Elmore, owner of the compound and medical doctor turned medicinal plant research scientist, working for an American pharmaceutical company; Dr. Julia Cole, professor and scientist conducting medicinal research on insect fungus; and two of Julia’s students Alexis Cotter, a nontraditional third-year student of 43, and Kosey Alingue, another third-year student from Chad, Africa, who assist with testing procedures and data analysis. Watching over the whole group is Lupa, once a practicing shaman and now the caretaker of Stephen’s compound… To read more visit here.

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