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Website Redesign

Horizons Healthcare Website Design

Horizons Healthcare has been in business since 2006. Their goal is to provide comprehensive care in their Snellville office or the patient’s living environment. Their nurse practitioners manage acute and chronic medical conditions through comprehensive history taking, physical exams, and the ordering of diagnostic tests and medical treatments. Their practitioners also specialize in geriatric psychiatry, assessing and treating mood disorders, confusion, and behavioral disturbances that often accompany dementia.

It is not uncommon for doctors and surgeons to feel as though a website is not pertinent to their practice. Instead, many medical professionals feel as though their practice should be able to thrive on its own through referrals and word of mouth. However, having a website for your practice can be influential in more than one way.

Credibility and Trustworthiness

Many patients research online before calling a practice to make an appointment. In some cases, they will have their choice of a doctor narrowed down to a few options. By having your credentials, education, and memberships listed on your website, you will help to instill a sense of trust in your future patients.

Explanation of Services

It’s a great idea to include an explanation of your services and procedures on your website. There are many reasons for this – one is that it will help potential patients find you easier when searching online. Another reason is that a thorough list and explanation may help potential patients realize that visiting your practice could be beneficial for more than one family member.

Accurate Information

Many individuals search online for symptoms that they experience, a practice that can often lead them to inaccurate information. By providing your own authoritative information on illnesses, conditions, and procedures on your website, you help to control the information that’s out there about your field and cut down on the number of misinformed patients you can encounter.

Saved Time for Office Staff

Your office staff spends a lot of time completing various administrative tasks and helping patients to find your office. You can help improve the efficiency of your entire office by having a page with contact information, accepted insurance providers and plans, hours, address, a map, and even your fax number.

In general, a website for your practice gives your patients an easy way to stay in touch with you and reaches out beyond the walls of your practice in order to strengthen your image. However, the rules for doctors’ websites are the same as for a lot of other websites, which means that it’s important to stay simple and clear. It’s also necessary to update and modify things as needed, such as adding new forms and staff biographies.

Author: eis2022