Hydro Tight Roofing & Restoration Website Design Concept

Hydro Tight Roofing Current Website

We Welcome Hydro Tight Roofing & Restoration to the EIS family!

Hydro Tight Roofing is a family owned roofing & restoration company located in Loganville, Georgia. They are members of the National Roofing Contractors Association, Master Shingle Certified through CertainTeed, with outstanding reviews on both Kudzu and Angie’s List. They work with new construction, developers, home builders and homeowners. After taking a look at their current website you will see below we came up with some problem issues that we wanted to focus on and correct in the newly designed and developed website.

  • Logo looks like it’s just been slapped on the website. It does not blend in well with the site design/layout
  • Load Time – Every single page takes awhile to load. 14seconds is what the load time on a 3G service is which is poor and leads to 32% Estimated visitor loss.
  • Navigation is difficult to read
  • No call to action up top
  • Facebook links to the incorrect facebook business page
  • Google+ links to the incorrect google page
  • Sections on the home page are just plain and not eye-catching.
  • Gallery of work does not show past jobs.
  • Frequently Asked Questions is text heavy.
  • Service Area page is not professional looking.
  • Favicon is not correct.

Top Fixes For the site

  • Load visible content before CSS and JS – If the amount of data required exceeds the initial congestion window, it will require additional round trips between your server and your visitor’s browser. To make pages load faster, limit the size of the data that is needed to render the above-the-fold content of your page.
  • Optimize Images – Images often account for most of the downloaded bytes on a page. Properly formatting and compressing images can save many bytes of data and improve website performance.
  • Leverage Caching – Caching allows a browser to store frequently requested files on the user’s device for a set period of time. When caching is enabled, subsequent page loads can be more efficient.
  • Performance graded at 12 out of 30 – Page requests are 117 which makes the site slower.
  • SEO – Page titles need to be fixed. Scored 20 out of 30.
  • Security graded at 0 out of 10. No SSL certificate means Google does not give good rankings to site without an SSL certificate.
  • Make a call to action.
  • Incorporate a rewards program.
  • Make the site stand out and draw users in.
  • Make a Favicon that is relevant to your business.
  • Show your work in a professional easy to maintain layout.
  • Share the latest news in a blog to help keep fresh content on your website.
  • Add social share buttons on each page.
  • Brand social media to mirror your website.

Our Design Presented to the Client

Roofing Contractor Website Design By EIS
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