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Like Them or Not, 7 Web Design Trends Here To Stay

The world of Web design moves quickly, and as always, it’s in a designer’s best interest to stay ahead of the curve.

If I suggest something to clients it isn’t because it is the now but because it will be the NOW.

  1. The Confluence of Design
    Despite having more design options and greater technological flexibility, most Web designs are starting to mimic each other. How many times have you seen a homepage with a big, bold, yet simple white text on a darkened or blurred-out background? It is ridiculously common. Is it because people prefer to copy old ideas rather than come up with new ones? Is it because it’s simply the most effective design from a marketing perspective? The answer to both questions is probably yes. Either way, enterprises will face a difficult decision to either run with the crowd in the established grooves of Web design or go it alone in some bold, new direction.
  2. Long Scrolls
    When I hear clients request no scrolling I am always confused. Especially with your home page being your most important page of your site. Folks will scroll much better than click so think about that a bit. Thanks to the ease of scrolling on mobile devices, long scrolls have cemented their position as a necessary web feature. This feature stands to become ever more popular.
  3. Increasing Minimalism
    This is been a dominant theme in design for the past several years, but especially on  the Web. Phrases are getting shorter, navigations are getting narrower, pages are getting smaller in numbers, and images are getting less obtrusive and more suggestive.
  4. Saturated and Bright Colors
    I am not talking about colors that will hurt the eyes or cause reliability issues. Colors are my thing. If I suggest colors vs. the colors you are wanting to use it is for a reason. I am always thinking about what the majority will like not what one person will like.
  5. Friendlier Loading Options
    Nobody likes to wait for a page to load. Page loading times can not only negatively impact Google search rankings, but also ensure visitors leave without accomplishing their goal.
  6. Less Dependence on Clicks
    Clicks used to be the ruling force in the world of Web design. Getting a user to click on a website element was akin to securing a real interaction, meaning a site was effective in this specific instance. Which takes us back to Scrolling. Love the scrolling vs. the clicking.
  7. Social Media  Icons
    Must have on every website. I could go on and on about this but the fact is every business needs to be on social media. Don’t have time? Make time. There are online scheduling services you can sign up for.
Author: eis2022