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Online Project Management, Ticket Support & Emails

Online Project Management

  1. It helps us stay on top of every project. Everyone on the project will see progress, questions, communication, and files.
  2. Every morning we get an executive summary from our project management system.
  3. It helps us keep things organized for each project.
  4. We can locate files such as documents and photos submitted for each project.
  5. We use this to submit all of our logos, design work, and website work so that we may all see the same notes.

Online project management helps us wrangle all of the open projects we have going on. From Design Phase, Development, to Launch. You see email just doesn’t work for project communication. Maybe it would work if we only had 5 clients but picture this, you have 50 open web design/development projects and communicate several times throughout the day on all projects and then you also receive emails with changes and questions to design work…well the emails will most likely be forgotten or lost whereas the online project management alerts us and helps us stay on track.

Ticket Support

We use our online ticket support system for websites that have launched. You might need website changes, updates, photo changes, etc.

  1. Tickets are always answered in the order they are received.
  2. Submitting a ticket allows us to stay organized because emails get lost.
  3. Everyone on the team will be able to view the tickets.


We use emails for sending proposals, discussing a possibly new project or answering simple questions that you may have. We can no longer use emails for project development or update requests. It gets really confusing and projects tend to drag on and come to a halt without the use of our online systems. Every little minute counts during the day. For instance, if I write a message in our online project management system and then you write Bob an email. Well, I might not see the email and I might see the email but I will most likely forget to answer the email because I have questions I’m answering in our project management or support ticket system.

Order of Importance for a web designer / developer

  1. Answering Online Support Tickets
  2. Communicating on our online project Management System
  3. Answering Emails

We really want to offer the best service possible and fast turn-around times, but it all has to start with everyone using the right methods that work best for our agency. Phone calls are always welcomed but sometimes it is hard to reach me due to the focus I have on the work I do. (coding, developing & designing) so if you cant’ reach me then please call Bob Hendrix. I’m really big into keeping projects organized so let’s all work together to ensure no one’s messages get lost in the future.

Thank you,

Laura Wright =)

Author: eis2022