Photography By Rodney H. Hamilton (formally known as Website Design Concept

photographer website design

Here are some things that we would implement:

  • Homepage Slider (would scroll through however many photos the client wishes to show)
  • Proofing Gallery (you will an image which shows how the proofing page would look, now we had to use some other pics for an example because the current client’s site kept crashing on us) site visitors will be able to enlarge the photos but we will lock it down to where they can not download or save photos from the client’s site. Site visitors can click the photos they wish to keep and it will show a checkmark as shown in my image.
  • Slideshow text (where the client can actually switch from Dark & Light Text per slide) The client can even add a button or Static title/caption over the images on the home page.
  • 100% Responsive design/menus (website sizes down for smaller devices)
  • Password Protected Pages/Galleries
  • SEO Optimized
  • Page builder – helps the client to easily maintain their new site
  • Audio with slideshow if needed
  • Thumbnails with lightbox – Will automatically re-size and enlarge when clicked on
  • Notices (like you will see as an example in image in the yellow box. they will be able to close out of the notices)
  • Blog & More
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Elegant Image Studios is the brainchild of Bob Hendrix and Laura Wright. The two met while working together for a national company with over 200 locations. Bob was employed as the Internet Sales Director and Laura as Business Development Manager. They were placed in charge of the company’s website and it soon became a benchmark for all other companies in their industry. Soon they were consulting for other companies and the rest is as they say “is history.”