Picking a Website Design Company

Here at Elegant Image Studios we understand that you want to pick the Website Design Company that’s right for you. Although, we pride ourselves in taking the best care of our clients and their businesses than any other firms on the market, we encourage you to do your research. There are few other industries where “you get what you pay for” so aptly applies. Reputable companies can’t even tell you exactly how much a site will cost to build until they discover from you exactly what you need. There will be base amounts for different types of sites gathered from experience, but like a custom home builder knows, your needs are specific to you and a good designer will know how to properly price your site so it doesn’t become a money pit for you. Here is an article on the top 10 mistakes to avoid when choosing a Website Design Company>>https://duffweb.com/web-design/10-critical-mistakes-to-avoid-when-choosing-a-web-designer/

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Elegant Image Studios is the brainchild of Bob Hendrix and Laura Wright. The two met while working together for a national company with over 200 locations. Bob was employed as the Internet Sales Director and Laura as Business Development Manager. They were placed in charge of the company’s website and it soon became a benchmark for all other companies in their industry. Soon they were consulting for other companies and the rest is as they say “is history.”