Forester Roller Brochure Design

Forester Roller has been under the same management since 1985, consistently providing excellent services and using quality compounds. They recently reached out to us here at Elegant Image Studios needing a new brochure designed. This is their brochure design that we have designed and submitted for approval.

Sure you can get brochures from Vista Print but they will look like a do it yourself kinda job. You will not save any money by ordering your print job from Vista Print they will nickel and dime you like crazy. We recently had a client use Vista Print for their postcards and business cards, and brochures when they when they finally received their print jobs everything turned out terrible. The print resolution was terrible. The card stock used was cheap and not professional. Vista Print’s ink is very muddy looking. Their business cards are actually smaller than the standard business card size, paper stock is always too thin and their prices are higher that what you would find elsewhere. Sure they say FREE but don’t buy into that scam.

If you are in need of professionally designed brochures then make sure you contact us today at (678) 457-7939 and be sure to take a look at out other Brochures that we have designed by clicking here. And don’t forget we offer printing at some awesome prices. Our work may look expensive but call us today and find out how we can save you money.

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