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How to use Google Keyword tool to write your blog posts

What are keywords?  Keywords are words, terms, or phrases people enter into search engines when looking for a particular topic.

In order to use the Google Keyword Planner, you need to set up an AdWords account. You do not have to pay for ads to use the Keyword Planner.

Set up Google AdWords

  1. Go to https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner
  2. Fill in your email address and website (un-check any undesired services)
  3. Fill out your personal information
  4. Verify your account
  5. Google isn’t going to let you in until you set up your first campaign. So, quickly fill in the required information. I put $1 in the daily budget.
  6. Yes, they’ll even make you put in your credit card information. But, you do not have to activate your campaign. You card will not be charged any fees to use the Keyword Planner.
  7. Review, and click finish and create campaign.
  8. Head to your email and verify your account
  9. You now have access to Google Keyword Planner, click Take me to my account.

Okay, now that your account is all set up, you’ll never have to go through those steps again. You’ll be able to log in and only use the Keyword Planner.

How to use the Keyword Planner

  1. Go ahead and ignore Google’s promptings to start your first campaign (unless you want to, then by all means, go ahead!)
  2. In the top navigation bar click tools and drop down to Keyword Planner.
  3. Under What would you like to do? click Search for new keyword and ad group ides
  4. Type a handful of words or phrases related to your post. Use a comma to separate different keywords.
  5. Click Get ideas
  6. Underneath the graph, click the tab Keyword Ideas
  7. You will be given results for the keywords you searched for + relevant keywords!

Why use Google Keywords

Who doesn’t want more blog traffic from search engines? Using the Keyword Planner tool can help you narrow in on what people are searching for. I have found that I don’t always use the same phrases as most people, so I’ll go through and change those phrases. It can also give you ideas for future posts.

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