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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips

Top SEO Mistakes

SEO mistakes can be devastating to a website’s placement in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Whether you have a new website or you have had your site up for a long time, this article is for you.

We all want to get more traffic to our websites. Following the directions is vital to obtain optimal search engine rankings. There can’t be any shortcuts or additions that break the rules. Now is the time to make sure your site is following SEO best practices.

Following the Directions

There are key ingredients that must be included in search engine optimization. There are directions that need to be followed. Google will not be so kind when it comes to SEO mistakes.

Common SEO Mistakes

Common SEO mistakes that can hurt your website’s SEO and rankings that should be avoided include:

  1. Not Making Your Website Crawlable
    Making sure that your website is crawlable by search engine spiders is critical to be included in Google’s search results – as well as other search engines.
  2. Not Having Unique Content
    Duplicate content may be unintentional as it may be caused by a CMS (Content Management System). You won’t want to invite the wrath of Google that could cause your website to plummet in the search engine.
  3. Not Having Quality Content
    Low-quality or shallow content is content that offers no value. Perhaps you have old blog posts that have outdated information or have very little content.
  4. Having Unnatural Links
    Having unnatural incoming links to your website can bring on Google’s wrath. Perhaps you paid an SEO company to build links to your website years ago. Then, you discover that those links violate Google’s Quality Guidelines.
  5. Not Including the Right Words on the Page
    Having the right words on a page is essential for your potential audience to find you online. One way to determine the “right words” is to think about what a user will type to search for a product or service that you are providing. Include those words on your page or post.
  6. Not Thinking About Compelling Content and Marketing
    One of the most common SEO mistakes is not thinking about compelling content and marketing.
  7. Not Thinking About the Title of Your Pages
    The title of a web page is critical. Take the time to craft compelling titles. The title tells your visitors and the search engines what your page is all about.
  8. Not Thinking About the Meta Description of Your Pages
    The description of a web page is also crucial. Make certain that each page has a unique and compelling description. The description may be used as snippets in search results along with your title.
  9. Not Optimizing Images
    Do your images have descriptive file names and alt tags? Image SEO begins with an accurate descriptive file name.
  10. Not Checking Your Website for Internal Broken Links
    Broken links on a website lead to a poor user experience. Google’s Quality Guidelines clearly state to check for broken links. The search engine giant also states that broken links that result in 404s are “a perfectly normal part of the web.”While there is still some debate over whether or not broken links affect SEO, the bottom line is that broken links are not good for your visitors. You may also have broken links that result in 404s that were caused by other reasons including a typo in a URL.
  11. Not Having a Mobile-Friendly Website
    Google expanded the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal on April 21, 2015. This change affects mobile searches globally for all languages and significantly impacts search results.
  12. Not using Google’s Free Webmaster Resources
    The last common SEO mistake is not using Google’s free resources. Google provides a treasure chest of tools and resources to help fine-tune your SEO marketing efforts.


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Author: eis2022