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What You Should Tell A Designer When Creating Your Company’s Logo

When you start a business one visual marketing tool that works really well most is your logo. Your logo is the face of your company whether you are a mom and pop or a large corporation. Not only is it the face of your business but it also plays an important part in getting the customers’ attention to what you offer in the market.

When you hire a designer, like EIS, the most important thing to communicate to your designer is how you want the logo to feel. Is it suppose to be welcoming? Upscale? Elite? Low key? Giving us as designers an idea of how you want people to feel when they see your logo is the key to creating a visual representation of your brand and business. As visually creative people, we as designers will not only design for aesthetics but for emotional impact.

When commissioning a  logo design, think about what it means to you and what you hope it will mean to customers. This will help us get in the right mindset to create the visual representation of your brand you’re looking for. You should explain your company’s mission to the person you choose to design your logo because your mission is essentially is the picture you’re trying to paint for your target audience and it gives the designer a place to start which makes choosing colors, fonts and styles much easier. Also, stating a clear idea of who your customer is and what you want them to think when they see the logo will make the process of creating your logo run smoothly. This means having the buyer personas of your target audience(s) established and in writing. If you have a clear and concise idea of who your target audience is, it can further help us establish the message you want your logo to send to it’s viewers.

Your logo is the epitome of who you are as a brand so try not to over complicate things. When you’re communicating with the designer about how you visually want your logo look in terms of fonts, colors, lines and shapes, keep it simple yet timeless. These elements are all foundational for your brand but during the process give your designer ideas of 3 or so colors or less that you believe represent your business. Choose a few simple shape and line variations and if there are letters in your logo choose a couple fonts you believe represent your brand the best. Remember that logos make a lasting impression on the potential customers so it’s important for your logo to be unique but not so over the top your audience doesn’t make a connection between your logo and your business.

Here at EIS, we do logo design and branding. We listen closely and work diligently to make what you want happen to ensure our clients get the most out of their graphic designs. Using our knowledge and creativity, we can help you decide on what are the best elements to use when creating your logo. We will even post many representations of your possible logo on social media to get a vote on what people like the most so you can have a consumer opinion as well as our professional opinion about which logo may work the best for your company. Call us today for your design project!

Author: eis2022