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Email Campaigns Tips

The Importance of Having an eNewsletter

Don’t underestimate the importance of enewsletters! A regular monthly enewsletter has many outstanding benefits. It is a great way to communicate with clients, employees, vendors using a very effective medium that contains information which is usually very timely and up-to-date. With enewsletters, you can keep your audience up-to-date on current events, news and what’s happening in your company and in the industry. Your company will not only appear contemporary but also state-of-the art. Also you will be able to reach a broad spectrum of people, especially if the publication is delivered electronically as an online publication. This saves expensive print costs. You will have means for combining the distribution of other corporate communications. A collateral piece can be paired with or rolled into the enewsletter. This can help your company save costs. During the design stage, an extra page or panel can be added to a enewsletter. During the bindery stage an insert may also be slipped into the enewsletter. This can also be a “life-saver” when a last-minute event comes up and the newsletter is already printed. Another benefit of enewsletters is the means to create multiple impressions. Since enewsletters have a longer shelf-life or longevity than many other forms of communications, there is an increased chance that the publication may be re-read by the same person or picked up by another. If you’d like to boost morale among employees, especially when employees are quoted or appear in the publication, it can set the foundations for employees to look up to and strive for. Let’s face it—most employees like to see themselves in print. It makes them feel important. Moreover, it encourages them to be the foot soldiers for the company’s message. And lest but not least, you want to add to the credibility of a company. These publications often add to a company’s integrity especially when the enewsletter contains informative material rather than “fluff.” An informative educational enewsletter can really help substantiate a company’s image as the expert in the industry.

Author: eis2022